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Our Mission

Greenleaf Cares’ mission is to help break the cycle of human trafficking. Supporting organizations who are leading the fight, we are committed to cultivating change and raising awareness for the fastest growing crime in the world.


The Root: Our passion is rooted in creating quality home fragrance solutions for you to plug into your modern lifestyle.

The Water: The home fragrance solutions you purchase enable us to fund the Greenleaf Cares initiative, which waters a core value of Greenleaf to be a blessing to others, especially women.

The Light: In an effort to shed light on the reality of human trafficking and raise awareness of this crime on a local and international level, Greenleaf is partnering with organizations leading the fight against human trafficking.

The Growth: We experience growth from uniting together to break the cycle of human trafficking, which cultivates the change we need to end modern day slavery in our world.

Why It Matters

President, Bob and Sarah Caldwell sit down to tell the story of a foundational building block on which Greenleaf Cares was started.

Partners for Change


Human Trafficking is more a part of our everyday than we’re aware. You can join our partners who are working to break the cycle.





The mind doesn’t know what the eyes cannot see.


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